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Chrno Crusade: Mary Magdalene

*squeal* I'm such in a good mood... when I'm not? ^^;; anyway, the reason of this is that I'm dl chrno crusade and this anime rockxorz o.o;; it's so cool. And chrno *squeals* my fav char, he's so cute and his demon ears!! *dies* I just want to poke them 'til they fall apart ^^;; nihaha and the way he begins going berserk is just plain awesome XD. But let's get to the real review shall we? :3

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sypnosis from ani rec database
It is the early 1920s, and New York City has a problem of evil proportions -- demons. With devil worshipping on the rise, foul spirits and monsters have begun to surface, causing fear and panic. Now, it is up to two members of Magdala Monastery's professional exorcist squad to help bring peace to the city, and destroy the demons with God's power (and bullets!). Join Chrno, a young demon, and Sister Rosette, his contractor, as they try to keep the city clean, while confronting the demons (no pun intended) of their past.

Story: 8/10
so far from what I've seen is very original. It's about a girl named rosette and his demon partner chrno going mostly to missions in USA doing exorcism since a lot of demon having being creating chaos around these cities. There's a lot going on... the reason why chrno joins rosette, rosettes joshua that turned out to be a demon also o.o;;. yeah very confusing but this is a must see. ^^

music: 10/10

I love the music. I had the full songs before the series and I always enjoyed hearing them and now I'm more hooked up with them. The opening is Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line (wings of pleasure line) a smooth song that matches the personalities of the characters and the ending sayonara soritia (goodbye solitaire) that it's a deep and sad song. Both are in my top fav songs and I truly recomend these.

animation 9/10:

one of the best animations I have seen *props to GONZO* the characters are beautiful drawn with fluid animation and awesome paint work. Clearly one of the best animations out there (still not match against GS but it still rocks)

characters: 10/10

I love the characters and they're differences- Rosette: clumsy and reckless chrno: calm, strong and CUTE!! (sorry, couldn't hold it ^^;;) but anyway, the creator of this series did an awesome job in playing with their feelings since one can actually feel how they feel in the moment atleast IMO.

overall: 9/10
I haven't seen much but it rocks. Though the demons I have seen are very weak so I hope they sent better ones >.>;;

you can find them in: http://gendou.com/amusic/ plz dun direct link the songs k?

oh besides from this I have finished watching AIR, damn what a great series. Sure made me cry tons of time... another anime that was worth dl. oh and today I finally made a full cleaning to my room-windows, floor, sheets, etc everything ^^

oh I almost forgot, some avys I did a few days ago:

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com W00t I'm back from my trip to my onii-chan's house (it was a few days ago >.>;;;). His house is so pretty and the area where he lives it's so peaceful, clean and big. He had planned along with his wife to make a family party to have fun, to go to the pools around there and u know, just to have a friendly day. Well, what I didn't know is that there were a lot of kids coming @__@ and they're so annoying, I just wanted to kick all their arsses >.>. Oh and this boy never stopped looking at me, I was so irritated that I walked away everytime I saw him <.<.

Lol but besides from that, when we spent the day on the pools, we were playing volleyball and all the beach-like crap but it was fun.. <.< >.> not to mention that mom told me to stay out of the sun since right now I have this huge big ass rash all over my ass and it's BURNING! >.> but luckily I didn't get burned by the sun ^^ *kicks rashness* ... >.>;;; and well here I am again, back to work overtime ^^;;

anyway today is daddy's day and I came with something so corny that I'm just amazed at how corny it turned out to be o.o;;; it's in spanish *kicks stupid PR*


too corny to post it here or should I....

nah, it's in spanish and this thing doesn't accept some spanish letters and punctuations >.>

well I posted it in my LJ so go look there if u truly care :P

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