Image hosted by Photobucket.com Before I get on the quiz part. I FINALLY GOT A SUMMER JOB!!!! ZOMG $600 bucks by only working 4 hours this month :3. Well personally it's been a real drag to get this job bcz of the damn work permission documents -____- but thankfully me and daddy got this all settled. I'll be working as a secreatry of my hometown major filling documents, writing and all that secretary work ^^;; but it's easy, nothing that lil ol me can't handle :P.


You represent... happiness.
You represent... happiness.
Boy, are you full of cheer or what...? You have a
sunny disposition and enjoy trying to spread
your happiness. You have a tendency to be a
little hyper, but you have the ability to make
your own fun no matter what.

What feeling do you represent?
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Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Naturally multi-coloured.
Clothes:As revealing as you can legally get away with.
Powers:Elemental control
Special Features:Wolf ears and tail
Sidekick:Large dragon.
Attitude:Cool, calm, and collected. You rarely lose your composure, so when you do, it's pretty amusing.
Weapon:A ribbon dancer
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What Icons are for you? by ladyallie
Favourite Colour
Your Love icon is...
Your Sad Icon is...
Your Happy Icon is...
Your Angry Icon is...
Your Food Icon is...
Your Animal Icon is...
Your Random Icon is...
Your Cartoon Icon is...
Your Sexy Icon is...
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Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...delicious
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...sparkle like the stars
Your touch is...awakening my heart
Your smell is...amazing
Your smile is...encouraging
Your love is...everlasting
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You are a

Yes, you don't like to kill people. That goes
against everything you belive in. It's not that
you are a coward, but your ideals and morals
wouldn't allow it. You are the typical hero, do
the righteous things, get the bad guys and do
it all legally. But just because you don't kill
doesn't mean you can't kick ass. And that is
what you do. You use your brain and your
strenght to do honourable deeds and protect
people you know and love. If an evil guy is
going to take over the world soon, it's you who
will get involved. You hate watching innocents
suffer, and love seeing bad people getting what
they deserve. You are probably also happy and
optimistic and work pretty good in groups. And
the friends you usually make are true ones.

Main weapon: Anything at all
Quote: "You only live once, but if
you do it right, once is enough" -Joe
Facial expression: Smile

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
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You like the sweet, shy type.

What kind of guy are you most attracted to? (CUTE anime pics)
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In your eyes, people see brightness in
everything.... and I mean... EVERYTHING! You're
so optimistic and think of everything as just a
new adverture! You're very energetic, happy,
fun, and loving. Everyone seems to want to be
just like you because you're a great example of
people who live life to its fullest! You don't
really have a sanctuary... That is... Besides
the whole world >.< You love to have a good
time and enjoy yourself among your friends,
family, even strangers or by yourself! However,
being so happy and energetic can also be your
downfall... Some people might see you as a
crazy person who doesn't take anything
seriously, but that's so not true! Just because
you see life better than them doesn't give them
the right to act crabby. Keep living life to
its fullest and hopefully you can drag some
other people along with you ^-^

What Lies Behind Your Eyes?
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You want a sweet guy. Who'ld take you anywhere.
Like Japan!!! Wow I would like a guy like that
too:) Also he looks so cute in japanese

Who's Perfect For You??? (Cute Anime Pics)
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oh and I made another hitsu avy :3
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Posted by yuriko at 6:53 PM


Image hosted by Photobucket.com jeje ^^ yesterday was great. My friends took me to all of our already planned places and had loads of fun (especially in Time Out XD). It began me fighthing with Ryo (ani-ue) since I arrived and I was like: "get your ass over here and pronto or I'll throw my house style celly at yer face" and he was all "you don't dare" and so on. After we gathered, we went to Time Out, played Soul Calibur and other games but Ryo got so cocky that I wanted to kick his ass in the game but nooo, I only did once *kicks stupid arcade controls* if only it was by GC I would totally kicked his ass XD. Then we played DDR (I sill suck in the arcades but I can still play ^^;;) and finally I could finally beat him on that. Later we got to Hot Topic and I saw this Inu plushies and I was all *squeals* I want it *puppy eyes* and I got it ^^. Everything was going well but then I saw my dad and I was surprised to see him since he was going to offer me to eat at Chili's as my birthday present after I finish with my friend but he got there too early, I said to him that how about later or tomorrow (today) and he was all ok or so I thought. We went for some ice cream but then mom called me saying that my dad said terrible stuff about me, I was surprised, full of anger yet sad- when I hung the phone I burst up crying bcz I couldn't take it anymore (I rarely cry since I'm always happy and moody but this time I couldn't hold myself), I felt like my dad lost confidence in me without a reason since I wasn't doing anything wrong but hanging out with my friends. Well, after that call I thought that my happy birthday went all bye bye since I felt the world's weight in top of me; suddenly ryo managed to calm me down saying stuff that were true but I was too blind to notice it before. My dad has always been bossy, very protective and jumps to conclusions to quickly and that's why I thought he would be mad at me forever. Ryo kept comforting me and I was thankful for having a friend like him around since if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have enjoyed the rest of the day. heh it's funny but my birthday is kinda like a curse day since something always goes wrong v.v. Now I dunno how to face him...

Anyway, after all that sappy stuff we went to the KFC and eat, I was talking to July (not the month, mind you :P) about all the animes episodes she has missed since I'm her BT and she's the leecher XD and I haven't seen her in a while. After eating we went to see the movie Star Wars- I never saw one of these movies 'til yesterday. the story is kinda complex but I think I liked this movie, not the best movie I've seen but it was good. When it was over, I still had 30 mins left so I spend the rest of my time playing DDR with Namir, it was fun, I got out all sweaty and tired.

and that's was the end of my day, pretty odd right? :P

oh and I made a new avy the day before yesterday, yay for hitsu ^^
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currently hearing: annani ishoddadani by see-saw

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~Small Bio~

Name: Keyla

Nick: Yuriko/Keira

Age: 16

Birthday: May 29


Likes: Anime, cooking, reading manga, webdesigning

Dislikes: Broccoli, art stealers, girly girls, teachers?

Fav animes and mangas:
Naruto, AIR, Mai-Hime, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Bleach, Tsubasa Chronicle and many more

~My Friends~

~Sori-chan~ (twinnie)


~Fav Sites~

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National Anime

Defied Dreams

Ear Tweak


Naruto Fan

~Naruto and Bleach Fan Clubs~

Hitsu Fanclub

Itachi Fan Club

IchixRukia Fanclub

Kakashi Fanclub

Obito Fan Club

Naruto Fan Club

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


~Visitors? WTF LOL~~