Image hosted by Photobucket.com I feel so great. No school, yesterday I went to that honor student thingie, my friend is back to normal and and naruto 134 is sooo gonna rock XD

Well yesterday was sooo cool, the teachers didn't talk a lot of crap and they gave our medals quickly ^^. I couldn't stop talking to my friends since it was soo great to see them in a different place besides from school. Another thing I'm happy for it's that my friend is back to normal and it's good since I was worried sick ^^;;. Not much to rant about the honor thingie since my mom wanted to go once I get my medal so I didn't had time to share much with my friends ;_____;=. The good thing is that my birthday is soon and I will spend the entire day them with them :3

Well time to rant about Naruto 133 x____x=
OMG!!! what crappy animation it had, they made poor naruto look so bad ;_______; that even got me to cursing the anime producers >.>;;
the fight was good but but the animation was soo bad and and yucky x________x


the preview of 134 is soooo kickass, I'm still watching it after 2 hours from watching 133 x______x= ZOMG!! smexorz Naruto is soo yummy looking and and x_____x= *squeals* *dies*

I'll let my pics finish what I started *continues in rabid fangirl mode*


I'm soo making siggies and avys from this eppie XD

Currently watching: Naruto's 134 preview o.o

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com I'm sooo happy, no more class for this week *dances* tomorrow is student's day but meh, I'm not going to attend to that crappy activity made by the school ^^;;;. The day after tomorrow is the school's Honor Student ceremony thing which I'm part of so I have to attend and the day after that one is teacher's day so no class also ^^.

Anyway, today I took a pre-college board test to see in which areas I have to improve to be prepared when I get the actual test. Well it was hard, atleast on the math part and the time concluded before I got the chance to check the math area so I left some in blank *kicks*. Also I had to watch the same classroom all morning and afternoon and that is sure irritating since the classroom is sooo dull and boring -____- . After that I hang out with my friend and he offered me to go and eat pizza which of course I had to accept XD but before that I came across to one of my other friends, july (not july from months, mind you ppl :p) and she is having trouble to talk to a girl around the school that loves anime (hard to find girls that likes anime so u can imagine) since she sees her more often than I do and wants to be friends with her but she doesn't once for all talk to the damn girl -_____- geez, now I have to do it for her >.>;;. lol

oh and I made a new sig ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com hate the font... totally o.o

Currenly hearing: Yotaka no yume by DAI

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com just bcz I'm bored -____-

Paired with Kagome!
Best Inuyasha Partner Test by Ibiki


Which Naruto Character Are You?
Test by naruto - kun.com

very true indeed XD

I'm Kurosaki Ichigo
Which Bleach Character Are You?


¿Con cual protagonista de One Piece te identificas?


Winry Rockbell

Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

so now I repair things o.o;;;

¿Que personaje eres de Yu Yu Hakusho?

lol more main characters stampede XD

currently hearing: Sousei no Aquarion (soooo obsessed o.o)

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com Another week, geez same old damn routine lol but anyway, nothing new to rant about except for this damn headache I have right now that's driving me nuts ;_____;=.... Well tomorrow I plan to take my guitar again to school to practice more since I dun have math class. Plus I have like a... pre-SAT-like test to see in which areas I'm good and which ones I have to improve so I think it's an excellent idea from part of the school to give us that kind of test. ^^ As for today, we finished watching "Grave of teh Fireflies" (movie given by ourhistory teacher and we're gonna start another one tomorrow (damn you hitler >.>;;;) oh well, atleast the teacher awesome enough to give the class via movies also ^^.

can't wait 'til tomorrow is over for our semi finals vacation ^^;;;

oh and I took one of my nee-chan recent internet quiz thingies and I got:

You Are Chocolat Orange Pocky

Your attitude: funky and flavorful
Rich and deep - yet zingy and zesty
You are the perfect partner in crime

What Flavor Pocky Are You?

.... very true XD

oh and more icons ^^

my current (u can't have anough of ichi and ganju XD)
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two dedicated to my deep hateness of sasuke plus my love for smexorz naruto-kun kicking his arsse XD (oh and the bastard one is still not finished, so more to come later kukukuku~~)
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

random inuyasha one just cuz I hearts ear tweaking ^^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well so far, I dun think I will do anything special today. Not even go out with dad but meh, I only have 2 days of class this week and I'll have loads of time to do something fun ^^

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