Image hosted by Photobucket.com It's that day of the week to start ranting about the happenings of the week XD
First off, the week. Well was a pretty normal one, fun I might add ^^, I took my guitar to school like I said in my previous journal entry, practiced with it, had fun with my friends and all that crap. My history teacher is sooo cool, she watches anime and made us watch an anime dvd title Grave of the Fireflies that has to do with the POV of two japanese kids during the times of war in the 2nd civil war, it's soo sad that it makes me go all depressive-like for only a few mins ^^;;;. I also noticed that I'm addicted to tictacs >.>;;; damn those friends of mine, they know how to control me with those *damn you Ryo* lol. Well today friday, my electronics teacher didn't come (thanks GOD) and me with two friends made some kind of weird talking RP where we crossovered any anime we can think off ^^;; after that I had to assist math and everything went back to its boring state <.<.

Well... 30 mins ago I watched naruto 132 and it was sooooo darn good that I keep repeating seeing the episode ^^;; and watch my smexorz kyubii naruto *goes in fangirl mode* wheee~~ I would like to rant why he's so darn smexy but no time right now ^^;;. Also gonna make tons of animated giffies from that epi of course naruto themed but a special one dedicated to sasuke-teme having flashing text saying bastard in 3 languages XD

look my crappy giffies -____- well the ones that I currently made, gonna make the sasuke-teme one later XD

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oh noes!! I ruined his smexyness ;____;=

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com Today I took to school my guitar but boy... my backpack with all my notebooks in my left shoulder plus the guitar on my other shoulder can be very tiring, especially when you have to carry it all day o.o. well atleast I could lmao at my friend for trying to play the guitar also, it was just so darn funny to see him goofing around with it and I was like: " >.> <.< I dun know him... ^^;;". Was soo cool and fun and ryo is teaching me so I'll prolly learn faster by his terms ^^. In lunch time we spent all the hour practicing and him teaching me stuff and I had more time since I went and eated before lunch break since my history teacher was absent. Speaking of teachers... well I would like to rant about a certain teacher but since she's comp savvy so who knows if she has LJ account so I better not. ^^;;;

A few hours ago I was practicing with my guitar for 2:30 hours straight and now my fingers and arms are all numby ;_____; they hurt a lot, atleast I can move my fingers faster ^^. It's odd but this is the first thing that can tire me a lot since I'm always moving wanting something to do like there's no tomorrow, just ask my friends ^^ (lol I know that you ppl can't so you'll have to believe me XD)

new crappy sig, surely not my best >.>

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com wheee~~~ another week ^^. Last weekend was great! my dad picked me up!! do you believe that?! he finally did after so long!! ^^;;.. he also bought me a guitar!!! all bcz of my good grades and it's soo cool, I can't wait 'til Ryo teaches me ^^. Besides from the guitar, yesterday I spent the entire day with daddy and his new family including my onii-chan and his wife, we talked, joked and in the night we bought ice cream ^^ (banana split rockxorz XD)

Anyway, since on my friday I lent my burned anime cds to my friend she DID had a good weekend, mai hime is now crack for her along with Tsubasa XD since she's already into Narutoness and Bleachness ^^. My other friend is now sooooooo hooked with zoids genesis that's even scary, I shouldn't have told him about the series :P. I even let my comp turned on all day today to dl more but my mom found out -____- atleast she thinks I left it turned by accident so I only have nights to let it turned on <.< *kicks 64k for the ..... dunno how many times I've kicked it* oh well....atleast I'm up to date with naruto and bleach

oh I almost forgot, I got an A in my history project *dances* atleast the damn teacher noticed our effort this time XD. I also found out that the school's high honor student ceremony is next thursday and once again I'm among them (boy that sounded sooooo nerdy o.o;;; oh noes!! the horrow x___x) anyway, I hope nothing bad happens in that day since in my last one, my grandpa died... heh, but he's in a better place than I am so I'm gratefull for that ^^

*checks friends list* dammit nee-chan (sori) you almost beated my 44 naruto episodes in 2 days record XD but I'm still winning nyah nyah :P
... *whines* you're so damn lucky!! you got to watch slayers by letting someone burn your naruto dvds v.v I always lent my anime cds but no one has new anime for me to borrow ;____;

oh and I made a new LJ just for the heck of it and bcz I was bored at that moment >.>;;;

Boredom Pit

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